Business Operations


Business Operations

Operations is all about process and procedure. Whether it is sales, warehouse or accounting related, it is important to understand the goals and direction of everyone you interact with so as to be most efficient. In order to be successful the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts. Matt Davis, COO, Walker Edison Furniture.
Stewart, Heather. “Fully Operational.” Utah Business Magazine. Sam Urie. March 2016: 46. Print.

Small business owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the immediate needs of running a business. Even though owners strive to fulfill their duties with professionalism and integrity, legal issues surrounding the business operations and structure can result in profound consequences to the well-being of the business. As a Utah small business attorney, Dana Ball can help you prevent these consequences:

  • Get unstuck from undecided legal issues so you can move forward.
  • Create legal contracts and frameworks that are in alignment with you and your business.
  • Look for what you “don’t know that you don’t know,” so you can avoid getting into an accidental legal mess.
  • Structure your business to protect your intellectual property, your money, your people, and yourself.
  • Get your business set up right, so you can get your work started or grow to the next level.
  • Bring on a partner and define the relationship from the beginning to avoid later pitfalls if things do not work out.
  • Take care of loose ends when closing or dissolving a business.

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