…Don’t ever think you are the smartest person at your company, always get the most out of your employees and turn to them for their ideas. Jared Olsen, Director of Operations, Xima Software
Stewart, Heather. “Fully Operational.” Utah Business Magazine. Sam Urie. March 2016: 46. Print.

Employees are worth the investment you have made upon hiring them. It takes a lot of time, money, and training to actually see a return on the investment from a new employee. So hiring the right person for the job should be a priority as well as making sure the workplace operates efficiently to keep that investment around. Most often, problems with an employee can be taken care of if handled in a timely fashion and in a sensitive, respectful manner.

The State of Utah is considered an “At-Will” state. This means that the employees terms and conditions of employment may be changed with or without cause. It also means an employee may terminate employment at any time, for any reason, and the employer has the same right to terminate an employees’ employment at any time for any reason.

With this being said, Dana Ball strongly advises Utah small business owners to take steps to assist an employee with particular issues before considering a termination as the only answer. Terminating an employee will disrupt the workplace by causing unease with current staff. It takes time to place an ad, interview potential candidates, perform reference checks, and train the new hire while other staff members must carry the workload until the he or she is set to operate efficiently. You have made this investment with a new hire so take the time to work through any issues that may arise early on.

However, after sufficient opportunity to correct behavior is not successful then termination may be the result. Contact Dana Ball for advice on how to handle sensitive employee matters.

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