Policies & Procedures


Policies & Procedures

Find a qualified expert you trust who can answer your questions and provide guidance when employee issues arise. They should also be proactive in notifying you when policy changes are needed, and in helping you implement them correctly. Remember, while you no doubt have malpractice insurance in place to help you protect you against patient claims, when it comes to the risk posed by employees, you are relying on the strength and legal enforceability of your HR policies, the documented HR actions you have taken as an owner or manager, and the expertise and continuous availability of your HR resources. It’s true that every little bit of protection is worth a lot of cure. It’s just not as easy as it once was.
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Business owners succeed because after developing strong policies and procedures, they are disciplined enough to stick with them regardless of the situation. Following your own policies and procedures keeps everybody on the same page and all employees know what is expected of them and how you will treat them in all different kinds of situations. Sticking with the rules you create will dramatically reduce potential legal issues and you will notice that it also encourages more harmony in the workplace.

For example, sexual harassment and employment discrimination — and the attendant risks of disruption, conflict, and litigation — never need to occur in your workplace. If you have set up the right policies and procedures and have made an effort to follow them, these problems can be avoided most of the time. Dana Ball offers in-house training and help with developing policies, writing employee handbooks, and creating accountability systems to prevent violations from happening.

Contact us so you can have updated policies and procedures in place for your particular Utah small business and your management style. No Utah small business is the same and the dynamics need to be accounted for when drafting such policies and procedures.

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